No modern brand will thrive¬†without a proper digital presence. That’s why we take our website design and development work¬†very seriously indeed.


Whether we’re designing and developing a responsive website for you, developing an e-shot template or creating a bespoke software solution for your business – our end product is the same. We deliver highly optimised, rigorously tested and supremely professional products for clients big and small.


Just like you’d expect, our development process is clear and easy to understand. We’re not here to hide our work or pull the wool over your eyes; after all our goal is to get your work to work as hard as it can in a digital world.



Our Method

At Archer Hampson we develop our digital products according to two different methodologies. Inside our walls our two development styles are labeled “The Linear Approach” and “The Agile Approach”.


Our “Linear Approach” means a project will be delivered according to a phase with seven distinct phases;

  1. Gather and document requirements
  2. Design
  3. Code and unit test
  4. Perform system testing
  5. Perform user acceptance testing (UAT)
  6. Fix any issues
  7. Deliver the finished product


As you might have guessed, the “Agile Approach” takes on a looser methodology. Agile is an interative and collaborative approach to development. It emphasizes the rapid delivery of project development milestones according to the heirarchy of values a client attributes to a given project. With Agile, we’re able to provide the customer with rapid project updates, whilst also allowing a client to frequently tweak their requirements based on their frequent project updates.


Having two broad house styles of development allows us to fit different client needs and timescales, whilst also giving us an organised method of delivery for the projects we work on.



Our Track Record

Regardless of the method with which we execute on our projects, outstanding delivery is imperative goal at Archer Hampson.


As such, we’re proud to say that we’ve executed digital projects for high profile clients with both long and short timescales for delivery and both small and large budgets.

We’ve even documented the work we’ve done (and how we did it) in our ‘Work’ section for you. We’re nice like that.

Our Latest Digital Development Work

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