Welcome to 1.0.0

Finally, here it is – our new look! We’ve been iterating on a ‘modular’ brand concept for a number of years and today marks the first of many steps in rolling it out.

To begin with, we’ve launched a new website – version 1.0.0 – which has been created to simply state our credentials, within the wrapper of our new brand look and feel.

Design Notes

In addition to this, we’ve set up the first iteration of ‘Design Notes’ – where you’re reading this – where we’ll be documenting behind the scenes elements of our work, past projects, as well as design thoughts and experiments. The idea behind this was taken from the design notes we give each of our clients when presenting new work; we like to make sure the thinking behind what we’re presenting is as clear as the work itself.

The hope is that ‘Design Notes’ will give our clients (and any other onlooker) a great insight into how we think, as well as keeping them up to date with bits of studio news as and when it comes.

The Future

As mentioned, this is website version 1.0.0, over the coming weeks there’ll be patches (the last decimal of software version control) to how the currently structured website animates and operates as well as stuff behind the hood.

After that we’ll be pushing on in to minor updates which will add a few new sections to the website before any other major update takes place. We’ll be documenting each item as we go in ‘Design Notes’, so be sure to check back. Our site is likely to evolve quickly, with small and big steps being taken all the time.