Archer Hampson Develop New Safety Campaign for NET

Jack Williams

November 2, 2017

Today (Thursday, November 2nd 2017) saw NET launch their 2017 safety campaign designed at tackling ‘foolhardy’ behaviour on Nottingham’s tram network.


Following on from 2016’s successful “We’re Safe Together” campaign, NET approached Archer Hampson earlier this year to develop a new campaign video and associated printed materials aimed at keeping Nottingham’s younger tram users safe around the network.

2016’s Archer Hampson developed campaign – “We’re Safe Together” – saw great success in bringing awareness to the importance of parents and children holding hands when using the network, and that tag line’s success has led to it becoming the umbrella message for further NET safety campaigns. As such, 2017’s campaign – “It’s Your Network” – falls under the “We’re Safe Together” parent campaign.


NET’s Table of Common Sense


In contrast to last year’s campaign objectives, this year’s campaign needed to directly tackle ‘foolhardy’ behaviour, allowing us at Archer Hampson to develop hard-hitting ideas to really deliver on NET’s desire to keep tram users safe. The printed materials NET required feature elements like “NET’s Table of Common Sense” (an idea we’re particularly proud of) which forms part of a 50,000 print-run trifold leaflet, as well as appearing on NET’s website 


Impactful video


We also created a short video, carrying much of the same messaging as the leaflet, which will be shown across Nottingham’s schools over the coming weeks.

In order to be as direct as possible, the video features real CCTV footage from real incidents filmed on the tram network. The idea behind this being that, combined with fast editing and a gripping soundtrack, NET’s important safety messages would carry more heft and impact. In addition, the majority of the video is text-based, which was an intentional decision based on the knowledge that the audience NET are targeting are likely to view the video on social networks where much video is consumed silently.

You can view our new NET 2017 safety campaign video below.


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