At Archer Hampson, we have a burning desire to MAKE THINGS all of the time.

That’s why we have decided to commit ourselves to making our own weekly video shorts which we’ll post every Friday for the foreseeable future.


Making video work for our clients gets us up and going in the morning, whilst making videos for ourselves keeps us up and at our desks long into the night.

We’re always looking to push our film-making ability at Archer Hampson, and to do that we need to be flexible as well as constantly developing ideas.

During office hours we’re obviously focused on delivering good work, specifically aimed at satisfying our clients briefs. But, we wondered, what would happen if we lifted the constraint of a defined brief – and just made whatever we feel like?


The only constraint we’re giving our Friday Shorts is that one has to be delivered every Friday. That’s it.

The shorts may well be on any topic. They may well be filmed in any style.

Let’s just hope that whatever comes out is interesting in some way.