Introducing Archer Hampson’s Weekly “Friday Shorts” Series

Jack Williams

October 30, 2017

Introducing Archer Hampson's Weekly "Friday Shorts" Series

At Archer Hampson, we have a burning desire to MAKE THINGS all of the time. That’s why we have decided to commit ourselves to making our own weekly video shorts which we’ll post every Friday for the foreseeable future.


We’re not entirely sure what we’ll end up creating each week, and we definitely can’t promise that every short will be worth your (or our) time; but that’s not the point.

As many of you reading this will no doubt also feel, it can be exceedingly difficult to put time into developing your own work when you’re so focused on delivering a brilliant service for your clients.

We find ourselves in that situation constantly, but that doesn’t mean that we need to succumb to producing stale and boring creative as a result.


Uncreative Creativity


As counter-intuitive as it is, creative agencies can often find themselves becoming very robotic when their eyes are focused entirely on client delivery.

A tendency to focus on what has worked in the past for clients, or what has worked elsewhere for other agencies working with other clients can lead to creative that treads down the same path over, and over, and over again.

Vast swathes of designers, developers and digital marketers are reading the same blogs, following the same design advice and doing the same creative tutorials as each other. And what’s the result? The result is often a set of similarly proficient agencies producing similarly professional work. That result is dull.


Creative Extreme and our Friday Shorts


At Archer Hampson we want to try and push ourselves out of the uninspiring loop I’ve just described. We’re not particularly fussed if the results are scrappy, unpolished or pointless – we just want to experiment and see what happens. Maybe it’ll lead us somewhere different with our creative work, maybe it won’t.

As an agency, we offer three core services – marketing services, video production and website development – and for now, we have the urge to play with our video production facility the most. Hence the conception of the “Friday Shorts”.

Our creative pontificating sessions have also jokingly been referred to “Creative Extreme” for some time, which is something we’re now looking to immortalise into a set of half-ironic (but actually very serious) principles. Expect a “Friday Short” on what exactly constitutes “Creative Extreme” imminently…


Archer Hampson’s Friday Short #1 & Future Shorts


Our first short took approximately half a day to put together, which probably shows, but it’s a fairly typical example of our terrible sense of humour in action. Enjoy (or don’t) below:


Anyway thanks for reading and watching kids, see you on Friday.

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