The Brief

With kids going back to school and college following the summer break and students soon to return to the two university’s in the city, Nottingham Express Transit (NET) were looking to promote their value-for-money season ticket products via a new poster campaign.

Our Thinking

Stats show that the target audience of youngsters and students see up to 20,000 marketing messages a day, so it was clear that we had to make the campaign’s messaging clear, simple and effective.

With many already suffering from information overload, we wanted to strip everything back, boiling down the campaign’s key messages so that it could be understood within mere seconds or a quick glance.

We also needed to make sure that the poster campaign was bright and visually appealing. After all it’s not just other print advertising we’d be competing with – we wanted to make sure that the target audience looked up from their smart devices!

Our Actions

Tweaking NET’s usual colour palette to make it as bright and as bold as possible, we created two posters (one for Under 19 season tickets, one for student season tickets) that were sure to stand out in the grey autumn months in which they’d be used.

As explained above, we were looking to strip things back and use as little text as possible – but why use words when you can use an emoji?

Given that youngsters are well used to communicating in visuals rather than words was the perfect choice. A use of a smiley face and a graduation cap emoji would help the campaign connect with its intended audience instantaneously.

This visual was backed up with clear messaging underneath. ‘Season Tickets’ front and centre made sure the posters were straight to the point, while the additional wording quickly and efficiently communicated the savings (both time and money) that could be made by purchasing one.

Of course, this stripped back approach was only possible due to the fact that NET’s brand was already incredibly strong (thanks in part to some previous campaigns we had worked on). This meant that a simple logo at the top of the poster would create instant recognition and tie everything back to the city’s tram network.

Their Reaction

The poster campaign was put into use at a number of key advertising sites across Nottingham and was also adapted for digital platforms including NET’s social media accounts and website.

Stephanie Moss-Pearce, NET’s Marketing Manager, commented: “We’ve a great working relationship with the team at Archer Hampson and once again they were able to take our brief and create a unique, striking and effective advertising campaign for our tram network.

“It will certainly stand out from amongst the crowd in Nottingham and we’re sure it’ll entice many more youngsters and students to invest in our value-for-money season tickets offers.”