The Brief

Foxhall Business Centres asked us to get them local press coverage. We delivered. And then some.

Our Thinking

Whilst Foxhall provides top quality serviced office space, it’s not the type of business that often generates its own news. Building acquisitions aside, we needed to find another way of maintaining a good level of press interest for Foxhall.

As well as being home to our own Nottingham office, Foxhall’s buildings house dozens of other exciting and diverse businesses, and we planned to take full advantage of this. By giving these tenants a platform to shout about their own good news, we would be able to raise Foxhall’s profile at the same time.

Of course, it wasn’t too difficult as Foxhall’s tenants were eager to partake in anything that might increase their exposure.

Our Actions

People can often forget that it’s more than just drafting a killer press release, it’s about knowing who to put it in front of and dropping it at the right time to achieve the maximum impact.

Dipping into our little black book of local contacts, we picked out the journalists and local reporters who would not only have interest in the stories we had to tell, but who could also make sure they were seen by as many people as possible.

By engaging with the local press, following up releases with phone calls and answering requests for additional information, we were able to grow many of Foxhall’s opportunities beyond merely placing a press release.

Their Reaction

Foxhall’s aim was to feature in the business pages of the local paper, The Nottingham Post. We helped them achieve more than that.

The business received both print and digital coverage across a number of local and business publications. Further, we turned some opportunities into extended coverage, arranging follow-up interviews to learn more.

The team at Foxhall was delighted that they delivered their key messages whilst also giving a platform to tenants. We continue to work closely alongside them regularly uncovering hidden gems as they come along.