6 Months and 120,000 Issues Later, IN Continues To Grow

Jack Williams

May 3, 2017

So, here we are again friends. I’ve decided to write another self-congratulatory post about our magazine; IN!


It has actually been about five months since my last post – so on reflection it did seem mean of me to starve you of an update for much longer.


As you might have guessed, IN is now six issues old (as of this very week) and in a very short space of time our magazine has made a much bigger impact on our city than I ever thought it might. To illustrate what I mean, I thought I’d give you a few bullet points to digest, because lets face it, asking you to read two paragraphs of text on LinkedIn is like trying to sell you on being forcibly held down whilst you’re being made to read The Illiad from start to finish in one sitting.

Below, Lie Facts


  1. Since November 2016, we’ve printed and distributed 120,000 issues of IN. I’ve just looked in our cupboard, and I can also report that we have no magazines left in stock.
  2. Since the re-launch of our website just over a month ago we’ve seen a 259% increase in traffic month-over-month. There are over 150 daily users of our website, 44% of those visitors are first-timers. Nawww.
  3. Our website users spend over 5 minutes a session reading our site, consuming at least three articles per visit. That means they’re actually reading (I’m as surprised as you are).
  4. We’re now ranked above Derbyshire Life on Google when you search for “Derby Magazine”. I’ve got nothing against Derbyshire Life, but I will say that that’s quite an achievement for a publication that’s only been around for six months.
  5. A search for “IN Magazine” is also quite illuminating. Depending on the machine you use, we’re either top of the pile – which is a properly big achievement, given that there are two other internationally read IN Magazines listed – or ranked somewhere on the first page.


Not bad, ay?


It’s worth saying that this kind of tangible growth and scale has been achieved through a lot of hard work and perseverance on both our part and those who support us financially; namely our advertisers.


As Editor of IN, I feel like it’s not really for me to comment on the commercial aspect of the business – given that I want to keep the editorial as pure as possible – but it’s heartening for us all to see our list of advertisers and stockists grow on a monthly basis.


IN – The Media Juggernaut


We at IN (and Archer Hampson, the agency which designs and develops IN) originally conceived of IN as a media brand that stretched beyond being a monthly print publication, and we’ve made good on that initial idea. Indeed, we shot the video above as part of our partnership with Derby’s 2Q Festival and the response we’ve had to it has been incredible.


For our readership, the video and our subsequent coverage of the event in this month’s issue has acted as a slap in the face to those who still mistakenly think “there’s nothing here” in Derby. Our 2Q video isn’t the only example of us supporting the magazine through video, either. We did the same for both FORMAT17 and Derby Film Festival over the course of April, just as we did for the Derby Braves Women’s team in March.


What next?

Great question, me! Thanks for asking.


Our immediate future will involve the promotion of our “Music Issue”, as well as the announcement of a big partnership we have planned for the summer. We’re going to continue shooting video in support of IN, as well as diversifying our growing list of writers.


Above all, we’re going to keep fighting. Derby is a city that needs fighters, and those who are willing to push and prod at the seams of the city to find and create the stories and projects that cultivate a vibrant independent culture in the city.


With IN, we aim to continue doing that for a long time to come.



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