Revamping for a Mobile-first Audience


The Problem: Geldards LLP are an incredibly successful national law firm. They were also an incredibly successful national law firm without a responsive website. This, obviously, is where we came in.

Our Thinking is a massive website.

It’s massive in the sense that Geldards¬†has such a broad range of expertise that the sheer volume of templates (and individual) pages is huge in number. After all, this is a law firm with well over twenty specialisms to cover and organise into a comprehensible site structure.

Our analysis of the previous site’s Google Analytics data and an SEO audit also told us that the previous version of wasn’t delivering a truly optimised experience for its users. We found that a large number of the site’s visitors appeared to be getting lost amongst the sheer volume of services (and pages) that they were seeing, meaning that Geldards were confusing an audience they were meant to give clarity and advice to.

With that in mind, we broke the project down into a few key areas of focus;

  1. We wanted to reduce the site’s bounce rate, whilst surfacing content that was previously hidden behind too many clicks.
  2. We needed to make the site friendly for mobile devices.
  3. We wanted to provide a search functionality that helped users find both individual lawyers and their specialisms with ease.
  4. We needed to be able to provide a website that was multi-lingual, as Geldards provides law for Welsh and German speakers.

Our Actions

Building on the four points above, we decided to adopt a “Linear Approach” to redesigning; providing the firm with firm milestones for the design, development and deployment of their website. So, what did that mean in practice?

Well, we;

  1. Designed a set of flat mockups of all of our templates at various design sizes, before discussing them with Geldards
  2. Coded the templates up, before offering Geldards a look at a working version of their staging site
  3. Performed user acceptance testing (UAT) with the Geldards Marketing team and Partners, ensuring that they were receiving the functionality they expected
  4. Bug-tested and fixed any issues resulting from UAT.
  5. Deployed the website

Their Reaction

Thankfully for us, the reaction to has been phenomenal.

Customers and employees of the firm were delighted with the fact their success was now represented by a site that’s been optimised for both maximum mobile-friendliness and ease of navigation.