How We’ll Develop In Less Than A Month


The Problem: Edinburgh Trams engaged us to develop an Ecommerce website which provided their customers with the ability to buy discount, print-at-home tickets for use on their tram network. The ticket’s will provide a discount to tram travellers at a specified list of tourist attractions; the list of which grows by the minute.

Our Thinking

Given our experience in developing’s ticket purchasing facilities, we’ve decided to move away from using a .NET framework and build a lean and secure site using WordPress and WooCommerce. The baked in features of both WordPress and WooCommerce allow us to design, develop and deploy in rapid time; meaning that we have found a method by which to comply with Edinburgh Tram’s requirements.

Our Actions

We’re currently in the process of developing, with launch anticipated to be just over a week away. In the meantime, we’ve set up a holding page and contact form at the domain for those customers looking for further information about the offer.


As development work has continued at pace, our design team has finalised Edinburgh Ticket’s branding in consultation with Edinburgh Trams – including the logo you see on this page. The design work we’ve carried out has been had to be co-ordinated with another company, Infinite; as they’ve worked separately on campaign material design and animation which will be prominently featured on the website.

Their Reaction

You’ll find out soon enough!