The Brief

When a combination of the UK’s top legal advisers, accountants, patent attorneys and product designers asked Archer Hampson to develop a brand concept for fixed-price professional services aimed at start-ups, we jumped at the chance to help.

Our Thinking

Undaunted by the task of meeting the expectations of seven different businesses (Geldards LLP, PwC, Withers & Rogers, BDO, Smith Cooper, GX Design and Renfrew Design) and working within their strict brand guidelines, whilst also coming up with a concept that would cover the wide range of services that they offered, ARHA’s creative minds got to work.

Initially aimed at companies in the healthcare & life sciences sector, we needed to develop a brand that would truly fit the bill of being ‘geek chic’. As the synapses within our collective brains began to fire up, the brand name became obvious and Scinapse® was born.

Linking all the areas that Scinapse® covered into an easily navigable package was our next challenge, and that’s where inspiration struck once more. Influenced by pictures of brain scans and London tube maps we created the innovative Scinapse® ‘brain map’ that provided an index and guide to all the services Scinapse® offered.

Our Actions

Managing the process from concept to design and through to print, we helped produce a package of brochures that neatly brought together the wide array of services that Scinapse® offers.

With so much information on offer, each of the 13 areas of expertise offered by Scinapse® had its own stop on the brain map and was assigned its own colour, making it easy for potential clients to identify the brochure and information they needed.

In addition to the main suite of brochures, we created a host of supporting materials including business cards, presentation templates, webpages, exhibition stands and promotional flyers. Working closely with the businesses involved in Scinapse® we made sure much of this material could be produced in-house. We also helped manage the outsourced printing as and when required.

Their Reaction

Scinapse® became a huge success and continues to grow enabling the Scinapse® partners to create strong relationships with some of the UK’s most exciting and rapidly expanding businesses.

Further success was seen with the creation and launch of a sister Scinapse®product aimed at the technology & innovation sectors.